Temesgen Alemseged
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A friend is one who you share your secrets with, who has the same interests as you and who helps you in times of need. This kind of friendship lasts forever.

Temesgen Alemeseged


September 7, 2019, marks the 10th anniversary of Temesgen’s departure. His abrupt passing left us with a hollowed heart. Since his passing, his presence is always felt and reminded to us by his loving and enduring parents. Like his father and mother, he was an avid reader, a curious student, a gracious friend, and an admired son. In his short life, he cherished his friends, as much as his education. Grasping at both, he grew up to be a promising young man with a bright future. He shined upon his parents, family, friends and classmates with pride and youthfulness. His life is a celebration, a cumulating burst of energy and euphoria of family and friendship. Rest in peace, Tommy.

Russom Woldezghi