My Impressions of SawA

By Temesgen Alemseged

The impression that I had of Sawa, even though I had never seen it, was that it was a place of torture. Although this might sound harsh, it was how I felt about it.

My impressions started to change a bit after my cousin Tedros told me about life in Sawa. He had told me that school life there was good and that he would never forget it. The only hard part to him had been Melober. Hopefully, I may not be going there because I play basketball. He might have told me differently but I used to think that the beds were only for girls, boys just sleep on the floor.

When I got there to visit, I found it pretty different. Boys sleep on very comfortable beds. This means the only hard time you get is at the military training and, of course, the sun. The weather was hot but I saw that trainees there had gotten used to it. To me, Sawa looked good. This may be because, as visitors, we were eating fish (sardines) for breakfast, meat for lunch and the same for dinner. This little experience I had there is what my friends call “michot.”

Sawa has made me want to take a second look. Some of the diseases I saw there are frightening. The thing that really made me scared was when I saw students fainting when they saw that they had failed. On the other hand, when I also saw the students who had scored 4’s, it made me want to be like them. Torn between the two, I thought about failing and it was a disastrous feeling, then I thought about getting all A’s and the way looked happy and full of success. So my way forward is clear. I want to score 4 and live my dream of a happy and successful life.

Temesgen on FriendShip

By Temesgen Alemseged

There are many ways that you can define friendship. Some may say that friends are just people that you pass your time with. Some may also say that a friend may well be reckoned the masterpiece of Nature…etc. Therefore you can’t truly define friendship. All you can say is that friendship is a feeling of affection and trust that you feel towards a person or people not related to you by blood.

Friendship is different from acquaintance. Acquaintances are people that you may know from a distance or may also sometimes spend time with.  You may even, as a grown up, have a drink or two with them quite often. But you don’t actually share your secrets with them. The friendship that I am talking about is a much deeper and stronger relationship. A friend is one who you share your secrets with, who has the same interests as you and who helps you in times of need. This kind of friendship lasts forever. Let me give you an example of two friends known in history. They are Damon and Phintias.

Damon and Phintias were known for their faithful friendship. They lived in Syracuse, in Sicily. One day the king of Syracuse told Phintias that he was condemned to death because he had plotted against his Kingdom.  Phintias requested to go to his home, which was far away, and set his private affairs before his death. But he was in prison and was not permitted to leave. So, his friend Damon volunteered to stay in prison as hostage until Phintias came back. When Phintias was late, the King of Syracuse decided that Damon should be killed in place of Phintias. At the last moment, when Damon was about to die, Phintias came back. The king was so astonished by their friendship that he pardoned Phintias and asked them if he could share their friendship.

We can learn from this example that friends obtained since childhood can help us in time of need. They may even die for us, as Damon here demonstrated. This is the highest form of friendship. Best friend are very important to us because they will help you in times of sorrow, they will share our happiness, they will stand beside us when we need them and will never be jealous of our accomplishments. That is why people say that a friend is a masterpiece of nature. It is also said that to live without a friend you must be a wild beast because or a lonely and strange being.  I like to quote what one writer said about friendship, “Friends and good manners will carry you where money won't go.”